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What Really Happens at DMV Hearings for DUI Charges?

Overweight ticket in california
The majority of traffic violations are fairly straightforward, and they merely require that drivers pay a fine and perhaps attend safe driving classes — but these light penalties are only given if a driver rarely makes traffic violations, and if the violation in question neither put others in serious danger, nor caused significant property damage.
But sometimes accidents happen, even to the best of us. You happen to get a few speeding tickets, maybe you have a couple red light violations too (those traffic cameras are never where you’d expect them to be). You go out after work for drinks one night, and you’ve been so stressed out lately that you forget you haven’t eaten all day —

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Three Things You Won’t Believe Are Actually Trademarked

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Corporate law firms deal with trademark law cases all the time, and usually it’s because one entity’s branding flew a little too close to another. Sometimes, though, it’s because companies have trademarked things the other guys didn’t even know you could trademark.
Believe it or not, here are a few of the weirdest cases trademark attorneys have ever made.
The Rectangle.
In an attempt to dissuade imitators of the iPad, Apple used trademark laws to patent the concept of a “round-edge rectangle.” Though they were far from being the first to use a round-edge rectangle commercially — think credit cards, Gameboys, Etch-a-Ske

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