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Are You Guilty of Believing These Myths About Accident Injury Law?

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Most drivers get into car accidents at some point, and unfortunately these result in injuries sometimes. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, you’ll probably find yourself needing to file a car accident injury claim in order to cover your medical expenses and get your life back to normal. Unfortunately, all the misinformation that’s floating around on this topic can make it difficult to glean the information you really need. Here are five of the biggest misconceptions laypeople have about car accident injury claims:

  1. Filing a Lawsuit Should Be Your First Course of Action


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Been Injured in a Traffic Accident? Here Are Three Things You Didn’t Know a Truck Accident Lawyer Could Help You With

Ways to prevent trick-or-treat injuries
Imagine this: you’re on the road when all of a sudden, your vehicle gets hit by a semi truck. Your car is totaled, traffic has stopped, and worst of all, you’re unable to move. You have broken bones, more than a few cuts and bruises, and a long path to recovery ahead of you. So what are you to do? Chances are you’ve been told to call a personal injury attorney, but you don’t just need one who fights general accident cases — you need a truck accident lawyer who has experience battling against trucking companies in the wrong.
How can a truck accident lawyer help you if you’ve been injured in an accident? Here are three things you probably didn’t know a personal injury attorney could do for you:
Truck accident attorneys can represent drivers just like you.

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Fact Or Fiction Americans Sue Too Much

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The vocabulary word of the day — litigious.
We’ll give you a hint; it’s an adjective. The word has two meanings: first, “concerned with lawsuits or litigation,” and second, “unreasonably prone to go to law to settle disputes.”
And here it is in a sentence: The United States is way too litigious. Or at least, that’s a common stereotype of the land of the free. Unfortunately, in a nation of drivers (and texting drivers), boaters (and texting boaters), pedestrians (and texting pedestrians), motorcyclists (and we seriously hope not-texting motorcyclists), and with an aging population of senior citizens, millions of Americans have a very good reason to be litigious.
For example, in the United States one pedestrian is injured every seven minutes. In total, lost wages, property damage, medical

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What You Should Do If You’re Charged With A DUI

New dui laws
It used to be that drinking and driving was as culturally accepted as cellphone driving seems to be today. When people got into accidents because they were under the influence, it was viewed as just that–an accident, not a preventable mistake caused by the decision to drink and operate heavy machinery.
Not so now. America has gone through a distinct cultural shift over the last 30 years, and this shift extends to the law. Drinking and driving is now a serious offense that can follow a person around for years. New dui laws in Ohio are tough on even first offenders; a first time offense under the new dui laws can result in as many as six points on one’s l

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Three Benefits Dash Cameras Offer to Law Enforcement

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In light of recent events, police departments across the country are looking for new ways to improve tactics as well as mend relations between the police and the public. Police officers perform a necessary, dangerous, and excruciating job. The overwhelming majority of police officers perform their duties superbly and without complaint. Still, many in the American public have become weary of police officers due to highly-publicized national cases that cast a poor light on police officers. As a result, police departments are actively seeking ways to improve their policies and to extend an olive branch to the public they serve so thanklessly.

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