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Have You Heard About This Summer’s Fatal New Trend?

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Virtually all Americans are aware of the lethal dangers of drunk driving. Motorcyclists and truckers are well aware of the unique risks they face on U.S. roadways. As marijuana creeps closer and closer to de facto legalization in many states, police departments have worked to educate the public about the dangers of drugged driving as well.
But unfortunately, too many Americans go out on the water without fully realizing the dangers posed by drunk boaters. As the summer recreation season heats up, the Coast Guard is teaming up with municipalities and police departments all over the country to educate the public. And when that fails, put drunken boaters in handcuffs.
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Don’t Let Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims Prevent You From Seeking Justice

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Dunkin’ Donuts claims that their coffee and light fare is what America runs on, but for one former employee, a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim has him running straight towards a category “D” felony for falsely obtaining benefits.
Joseph Briker, 49, filed for workers’ compensation benefits after claiming to suffer a severe back injury while employed at Dunkin’ Donuts. He claimed to have suffered permanent, partial disability that left him in pain and unable to work at the popular coffee chain. In addition to medical treatment, Bricker received benefits totaling more than $150,000 from March 2013 until May 2014.
However, Bricker’s fraudulent activity until the Hartford insurance company uncovered his failure to disclose a previous worked-related back injury while continuing to deny any pr

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3 Very Good Reasons You Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer If Charged

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If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, then you need to hire a domestic violence lawyer. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.
A Domestic Violence Lawyer May Help Prevent You From Not Being Able to See Your Children.
One of the notions this nation was founded upon is that anyone accused of a crime is innocent in the eyes of the law, until proven guilty. While this remains true even today, there are several things that can happen leading up to your trial. Depending on the circumstances, victims may seek restraining orders, which can prevent you from being able to see, or even contact your children. Professional criminal defense attorneys can help keep this from happening.
A Criminal Record Will Dramatically Affect Your Future.

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3 Bicycle Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

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Summer’s here and what better way to respect the environment and celebrate the great outdoors than by biking to work? There’s nothing quite as liberating as the wind in your hair as you cruise towards your 8-hour work sentence. Plus, your rock-hard bicycling thighs will thank you.
But bicycling isn’t all sunshine and toned thighs. Rather, riding your bike can be a dangerous hobby, resulting in bicycle accident injuries. In fact, current bicycle injury statistics are rather alarming. Did you know that during bicycle crashes, 2/3 of people who died and 1/8 of individuals injured suffered from brain injuries? Luckily, bicycling injuries have a lower likelihood of occurring if you are aware of the bicy

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Have You Been Involved in an Accident? Use These Three Steps to Find a Personal Injury Attorney

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Getting into an auto or semi truck accident is devastating, especially if you’ve been left with injuries that will take a long time to heal. The aftermath of an accident can mean dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, physical therapists, and other services as you try to get your life back on track. But the one person you need in your corner to fight for a settlement is a personal injury lawyer. Finding a good one, however, may feel easier said than done under some circumstances.
If you’re stuck on how to find a personal injury attorney, beyond just calling a number in the phone book, the good news is that there are easy

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