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Planning Your Will Why You Shouldn’t Avoid It

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Estate planning can be extremely stressful; you?ll likely need a will lawyer or elder law attorney, possibly a real estate lawyer and of course you will end up with the input of your family. There are plenty of lawyers in Alabama ready and willing to take your case. But before hiring a lawyer, you should have some background on what you?re dealing with, and what kinds of questions you should ask. That way, you can do what you need to do ? whether that includes estate planning, choosing guardians, or even making a change to your will ? with as clear a head as possible.

How Can I Minimize Taxes When Writing My Will?

First of all, having a will is of the utmost

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Three Reasons to Take Intellectual Property Theft Seriously

Technical patent
Receiving due credit and protection over one’s work has been a concern ever since humans began creating and inventing. Thankfully, modern day has brought with it a secure means of legal protection over intellectual property cases. Patenting offers complete intellectual property rights to the due party and presumed creator, while creating ramifications for those that violate the intellectual property agreement. It is an extremely wise precautionary measure for any business or enterprise owner to take. The following information explains the dangers of intellectual property theft and the importance of seeking due protection.
The Reality of Intellectual Property Theft
Theft of legal property has become very prominent and difficult to navigate around without secure protections i

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The Top 4 Things To Expect When Becoming A Court Reporter

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We see trials play out on TV; and in a less dramatic sense, many people see the inside of a courtroom at some point in their lifetimes, whether due to a traffic violation or jury duty. What some may not realize is exactly how important court reporters are, and how challenging, exciting, and valuable the job can be. In a struggling economy, court reporting is a necessary job, with the employment of court reporters expected to leap 10%, from 2012 to 2022. If you’re considering this career path … and with good reason … here are a few things you can expect.

1. Yes, You Can Become A Court Reporter

While it may not be a “standard” career that comes to mind, court reporting is a serious enterprise, with 2012 seeing 21,200 court reporters employed in the U.S. alone.

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