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Facing a DUI Conviction? Now is the Time to Contact a Defense Attorney

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Drunk driving is a serious, and common, crime across the U.S., and Ohio is no exception. Using the term OVI, operating a vehicle under the influence, Ohio is very strict when it comes to cracking down on drunk drivers, and deal out hefty fines and penalties for getting caught. This crackdown has translated into more people looking for and finding a good attorney, with a preference for the best dui attorney out there.
Ohio state dui laws are pretty rough when it comes to the penalties that one can receive if caught. For example, there’s an implied consent law in Ohio, meaning that if someone refuses a chemical test, they’ll end up with a fine and a suspension of their license. Unfortunately for driver’s, license suspensions can range anywhere between six month to three years! First time offenses are u

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The Many Types of Legal Representation

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There are many reasons that the use of attorneys and their skills might be beneficial. An attorney has completed three to four years of legal school, including internships and case and mock trail experiences. Furthermore, an attorney has successfully passed their state licensing bar exam, qualifying them to assist those with many areas of the law. Attorneys are known for being expensive, but they are also known for winning cases and assisting with laws that can be otherwise confusing and intimidating. In fact, when it comes to bankruptcy cases, using an attorney has over a 95% success rate. Without the use of an attorney and their legal team, it is possible that the number would be much lower. Many attorneys specialize in different areas of the law. They may know quite a bit about all areas of t

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What is Uncontested Divorce? Get the Facts NOW

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What is uncontested divorce? It’s pretty simple really. When a couple agrees to dissolve their union amicably, an uncontested divorce is the least expensive and swiftest path to end an marriage.
Some divorces can be quite complicated; in fact, the most common causes of divorce include serious issues such as problems with communication, financial struggles, adultery, abuse, and sometimes simply a loss of interest. However, when the couple is fully informed and in agreement on circumstances such as child custody, child support, alimony, and property allocation, an uncontested divorce is the best route.
What Is Uncontested Divorce, and Who Is Eligible for It?
Current statistics reveal that more than one million American citizens have parents who are divorced or not living

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6 Assumptions That Will Land You the Wrong Attorney

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Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist, eating broccoli, or undergoing a routine colonoscopy. But it is a necessary part of life. Likewise, you might find researching and hiring litigation attorneys a tedious task, but a necessary part of life. Maybe you don’t foresee ever needing a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit, but you will most likely need an estate planning attorney, a financial advisor attorney, and perhaps a business attorney at some point in your life. All of these necessary legal experts are litigation attorneys.


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