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How Social Media Can Destroy Your Chances During a Person Injury Case

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There are various types of personal injury cases that you could be involved in from car accidents to muggings to workers’ comp claims. Personal injury claims are basically anything that happened whether intentional or by accident that caused you bodily harm. Personal injury law refers to any legal results or defenses that are involved in a civil case brought because of wrongful conduct by one party. Typically, all types of personal injury cases are civil cases meaning that the accused party will not have to pay any personal consequences involving fines or jail tim

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How a Bail Bond Agency Can Help You

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Most jails in the United States operate at a 91% capacity since the year 2000.Furthermore, about 52% of American men will be arrested at least one time during their life. If you find yourself arrested or about to get arrested, a bail bond agency can help. According to the Eight Amendendment in the Constitution, the government cannot impose excessive fines or bails upon an individual. When you find yourself in a situation, either in jail or about to go to jail, call a bail bond service to help you out. They way it works is if you post a bond, the Read more ...

Living Trusts Save Friends and Family the Hassle of Probate

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Few people really like to think about what will happen to their assets and belongings after they die. It is an unpleasant subject and reminds us that we are going to die someday and that is both upsetting and scary for a lot of people. If you are starting to think about this kind of thing. Many people have different ways of passing out their assets and worldly goods after they pass. They have wills and living trusts but what are they?

The first thing you need to know about is probate. Probate is the process by which items and assets are distributed after a person dies. It is supervised by the court. When you have a will, everything has to pass through probate. Living trusts eliminate that need. This is the main advantage to setting them up.

Steps to Setting Up Living Trusts:

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A Qui Tam Case Can Help Your Conscience and Your Pocketbook

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Everyone knows that the United States Government handles a great deal of big business. Medicaid, Medicare, defense contracting jobs. All of these and more get paid for with government money, which means they get paid for using taxpayer’s money. So, what happens when the funds for these projects are mishandled by the companies who are entrusted to handle them appropriately? How does the Government get its money back when it is stolen through fraud and misappropriation? Under the False Claims Act, the government has the right to go after any monies defrauded from public programs by any persons or companies retained to carry out the business of those programs. Included in this act is the provision for the government to employee Qui Tam cases. Qui Tam has been a recognized concept since the 14th century

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