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Four Common Mistakes Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Wishes You Would Stop Making

Bankruptcy attorney
Sometimes bankruptcy happens to the best of us. It’s an unfortunate reality that even if you are responsible with your finances, you still might find yourself on the receiving end of a bankruptcy case. Over one million families are forced into bankruptcy as a result of medical bills that are impossible to ever pay back. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry and your business endeavors or once-stable work suddenly disappear, and even though you’ve made good financial choices, you suddenly find yourself in need of a bankruptcy attorney. It happens. Life goes on. You’ll bounce back.

Your bankruptcy might be a serious bummer, but there are a few mistakes that could quickly take your case from “major bummer” level to “catastrophe.” We w

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Three Reasons Why Hiring an Attorney is the Best Option for Individuals Facing Charges and Possible Jail Time

Weapons offenses

Many people do not realize that hiring an attorney to help them with criminal defense is a benefit and not an omission of guilt. Some individuals feel if they hire an attorney to help them with an impending case such as assault or facing drug crimes, then a jury or other individuals will view them as guilty. However, having an attorney is a preventative measure more than anything. Attorneys can help their clients argue for a lighter sentence or even prove their innocence if that is the case. An attorney can help put facts into perspective for the judge, and keep a prosecutor from twisting words around. Below are three reasons why hiring an attorney is the best cho

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How A Lawyer Can Help After an Auto Accident

Auto accident lawyer
If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, your first thoughts were probably “who’s fault is this?” and “who will pay for my medical bills?”
A personal injury lawyer is the best source when it comes to answering these questions. Car and truck accidents can be tricky, as there are a number of things at stake and factors in play. But what can lawyers do to help you?

They have procedural knowledge

It’s likely that this is your first major injury due to an automobile accident. Unless you are a lawyer yourself, it’s probable that you don’t know how these types of cases work. For example, certain types of cases have specific statutes of limitation, which means that only a certain amount of time can pass between the accident and any charges filed.
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