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Have You Been The Victim Of A Violent Crime In Montana?

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What’s in an attorney, anyway?

Peace-of-mind, for one. Results, for another. There’s little to lose and much to gain when you invest in an attorney, particularly when the aftermath of a difficult event has you struggling to keep yourself sane.

There are many reasons to contact a county attorney for help. You could be the victim of a car crash, struggling to make ends meet as you figure out your medical bills, car insurance and additional damages. Perhaps you’ve been harassed in the workplace and you want to know your options. Legal advice is practically invaluable when it comes to figuring out where you stand and can go a long way in providing you the closure you’re looking for. If you live in the state of Montan

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Navigating the Worker’s Compensation Filing Process

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Navigating the workers compensation claim process can be confusing. You are likely already dealing with medical concerns and loss of employment worries. Now, you have to deal with filing legal forms, hiring an attorney, and filing for workers compensation benefits. Hiring a workers compensation lawyer, however, should be the first step on your list. A workers compensation lawyer can provide you with clarity, assistance, and an easy filing process.

How to choose a workers compensation lawyer
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Legal Help for Maritime Workers

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Work in the maritime industry can be challenging and dangerous. For seamen, longshoremen, and those working on oil rigs, life can be difficult and the possibility of injury is a real one. Accidents, falls and employer negligence can all have serious consequences for the individual. Over the years, a number of laws have put into place protections for workers in the maritime industry. Maritime injury lawyers can help to determine if a case can be filed as well as the amount of compensation due.

Maritime injury laws protect workers? rights
Life at sea has always been difficult and challenging. The rewards are great, but so are the dangers. For seamen on boats and ships, longshoremen working on docks and in warehouses, and for oil rig workers, accidents and injuries are

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Personal Injury When to Seek an Attorney

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Raw statistics:
  • Worldwide, 1.2 million die in car accidents every year.
  • In the United States alone, three million people are injured every year in car accidents.
  • U.S. car accident annual total: six million.
The major causes of negligence are becoming more known. Millions of drivers drive under the influence every year. The high peak times surround holidays–New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, Labor Day. These major holidays become peaks for impaired driving and lead to injuries.
Every day, the youth, middle, and older aged Americans drive while looking at their mobile devices. Not limited to texting and driving, distracted driving includes using data while driving, include watching videos, taking social media pictures, making social media posts, and even checkin

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The Construction Industry Is Changing Why It Pays To Have Lawyers By Your Side

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The construction industry is in a league all its own. It impacts all of our lives in minor to major ways, whether we’re working as a day laborer or benefiting from the collective efforts of hundreds in a brand new building. Because of this dynamic ripple effect the area of construction law has to be just as flexible, lest a minor mistake create financial consequences that are nearly impossible to bounce back from. When you look into lawyers to help you with the ever-changing face of construction law you’re doing more than just an obligation. You’re setting up a solid foundation to carry you through all these shifts in one piece.

What Are Notable Changes In The Construction Industry?

Lawyers can do their j

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