What to Do if You’re Injured in a Car Accident

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Personal injury damages

In the months following a work injury or automobile accident, you are likely sure of two things: you want the ordeal to be over, and money is now tight. Healing from your injuries takes time and results in a lot of hospital bills. If your car was damaged, you have to worry about paying for a new one, in addition to increased insurance payments. You may have considered about filing a claim to collect personal injury damages, but the process likely sounds long, complicated, and likely to waste money you don’t have. In these situations, you must ask yourself one question: was I responsible for my automobile injury? Am I responsible for my personal injury at work? If your response was “no”, then the answer is clear: you should hire an attorney to procure compensation for your more »

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Thinking About Becoming an Expert Witness? Follow These Steps

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Forensic accounting expert witness

Are you a working professional who has specialized expertise in your field? If so, you’ve probably thought about how to become an expert witness to testify in court and give your expert input on a legal trial. When you become an expert witness, you can offer your expert knowledge in exchange for very good compensation, which makes it appealing to many people. However, the process for becoming an expert witness can be nuanced.

Here are the primary steps to becoming an expert witness you should take:

1. Become an expert: This is probably the most obvious step to become an expert witness. You should be as educated as possible in your field. The law sa more »

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Even Stars Get Hurt Three Famous Celebrity Personal Injury Suits

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Disability claims status

According to recent estimations, between 95 and 96% of all personal injury lawsuits are settled either out of court or before the trial ever gets to court. But that doesn’t stop people from filing them. As per its definition, a personal injury claim refers to any civil litigation that’s brought against a defendant because of his or her alleged negligence, which caused the claimant to endure physical or mental harm.

And it’s not just us regular Joes (and Janes) who tend to file these claims to begin with. Even celebrities aren’t immune to the trappings of personal injury claims, and when you think about it, it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Who w more »

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Three Things You Can Do Behind the Wheel to Guarantee a Date in Court

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What should you do after a car accident

Every year in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 10.8 million car crashes. Sometimes, these accidents are little more than a little bump on the fender — no harm, no foul. However, in many more instances, auto accidents in America result in damaged vehicles and repair bills, injuries and medical bills, or death. Fortunately, avoiding an embarrassing and costly trip to court to face down auto accident lawyers or being put into the morgue is often a matter of being a smart, thoughtful driver. If you want to avoid being the next case experienced injury attorneys litigate, you really ought to avoid these three things.

Three Things You Should Avoid to Decrease Your Chances of an Accident

  1. Texting while Drivin more »
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