A Guide to Criminal Defense Attorneys

Across the country, there are court cases and criminal defense cases that take place every single day. This is no laughing matter as a criminal defense case is serious. More often than not, this type of legal situation leads to jail time, hefty fines, and so much more. Therefore, hiring criminal defense attorneys is a really important decision.
Criminal defense attorneys include DUI attorneys, DUI lawyers, Prostitution Attorneys, and more. Anyone that is facing a felony or a potential jail time court case needs proper legal representation. That way, they can help reduce jail time and can potentially help curve the stiffer ramifications attached to a criminal court case. So take time to find the beg legal representation available for your situation! Read more facts below:
Prostitution Is A Common And Serious Criminal Defense Situation
Now, prostitution is a crime that can sometimes range and vary depending on the defendant’s role in the crime. For instance, Solicitation and Prostitution are considered to be Class A misdemeanors and the punishment involves nearly $6,250 in fines and almost up to one year in prison. On the other hand, charges of promoting prostitution are really serious and are a Class C felony. This involves a punishment of nearly 5 years in prison and over $125,000 fines. So anyone that is charged with either of these crimes really needs criminal defense attorneys in court.
In the past few years, American conducted a nationwide sting on prostitution. First and foremost, there were an impressive 1,000 arrests across the country from this nationwide sting. What is stunning is that nearly two-fifths of these arrests came from online prostitution advertisements. These people arrested all need help from criminal defense attorneys when they enter court so that the can reduce jail time and fines.
The Department of Justice keeps records to help provide data and information on arrests and crimes. In the year of 2010, nearly 43,000 women were arrested for some form of prostitution and almost 19,000 men were arrested. This includes pimps, sex workers, and other nefarious positions that provide people with a form of prostitution. Near,y 80,000 people are arrested across the country each year for soliciting sex. Anyone arrested for prostitution needs legit help from criminal defense attorneys and should be serious about hiring a law firm.
Drunk Driving Requires A Criminal Defense Attorney
On average, drunk drivers will hit the streets while under the influence of alcohol a staggering 80 times before ever getting arrested for the first time. this is a really dangerous statistic for one reason. When drunk drivers get away with driving drunk, it emboldens their ideas of being able to drive safely while under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, they are going to try this again and again which can lead to a serious car collision. Anyone pulled over for a DUI charge, driving under the influence, needs serious criminal defense attorneys representation.
A study has revealed that almost 10% of all drivers are under the age of 21 and yet this group makes up almost 18% of all alcohol-related crashes that result in a death. Therefore, there are some serious laws in place to prevent drunk driving among both adults and teenagers alike. After all, no matter the age of the drunk driver, the dangerous results still stay the same. Criminal defense attorneys are often hired by people who end up hurting someone else in a drunk driving situation.
Across the country, people will get behind the wheel drunk nearly 300,000 times and fewer than 4,000 of these people are ever arrested. While efforts to stop drunk driving have ramped up, they have yet to really stop anyone from driving drunk. So there are going to be even stiffer penalties created during the next few years. Naturally, the need for the services of criminal defense attorneys will rise as well!
In Conclusion
Each and every year, Americans across the country are going to have to hire criminal defense attorneys for plenty of different reasons. No matter the crime involved, people need to make sure they are legally represented by someone who is smart, talented, and respected!