A Look At Some Of The Most Common Legal Issues In The United States

There are a great variety of legal cases here in the United Stats, with many of them handled by specialty lawyers. Consider, for instance, defense lawyers. Defense lawyers can wear many hats, to say the very least, as most defense lawyers will deal with a great variety of cases. For many defense lawyers, personal injury cases are some of the most common legal cases around.
After all, drunk driving is a common cause behind a personal injury case, and one that defense lawyers would likely get involved in on the other side of things. Unfortunately, most defense lawyers already know that drunk driving is a real problem in the United States. After all, up to 300,000 people get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol over the course of just one single day. In addition to this, up to 28 people lose their lives to drunk driving incidents in this same span of time. And for every two minutes that pass us by, a new person has become injured in a drunk driving event, even if they have been lucky enough to survive it. Aside from drunk driving and other such car accidents, which make up more personal injury cases than anything else, personal injury cases surrounding issues of medical malpractice will also often require the work of a defense lawyer or even multiple defense lawyers, depending on the case in question.
But defense lawyers are certainly far from the only type of lawyer currently doing good business here in the United States. In addition to defense lawyers you have divorce lawyers, who are just about as prominent as defense lawyers if not even more so. Unfortunately, more than 800,000 couples will ultimately end their marriages in divorce over the course of just one single year all throughout the country. That means, that when you break it down, you end up with about two divorces happening for every minute or so that passes us by. Therefore, it should not come as any surprise that more than 40% of all first marriages will end up ultimately in divorce, with more and more likelihood of divorce with each subsequent marriage that you have. Much as defense lawyers are essential to the personal injury case, the divorce lawyer will be central to any typical divorce case.
The divorce attorney will be even more necessary if there are children involved, as there are all too often are. And the statistics gathered on the subject more than back this up, showing that up to one million minor children end up in the middle of divorce proceedings for each and every passing year. Deciding on matters of custody for these minor children can, after all, end up being quite contentious indeed. Some divorcing couples will even choose to hire a mediator, as a mediator will help to make sure that the process of filing for divorce and ultimately agreeing upon one goes as smoothly as is possible. Without a mediator, things all too often take a turn for the ugly, as many a divorced couple is unfortunately able to attest to.
Aside from divorce attorneys and defense lawyers we also have lawyers dedicated to helping people in the formulation of their trusts and wills. These trusts and wills are essential and are truly something that just about every single person in this world should have before ultimately reaching the end of their life. Fortunately, nearly three quarters of all people have a will in place by the time that they have reached the age of 65 or so, when they first become an elderly person. However, many younger people and younger adults do not think that such a thing is necessary.
At the end of the day, lawyers from defense lawyers to divorce lawyers and beyond play a hugely important role in so many of our lives. After all, there is likely to come a time in which we ourselves need some type of legal aid – even if it is just for the writing of a will. Having access to that legal aid will make a world of difference.