Are You Familiar with the Most Recent Immigration Laws?

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America is a nation of immigrants. The first wave of immigrants coming to this country came to to colonial America, from England, France, Germany, as well as other northern European countries. These first immigrants were seeking political and religious freedoms in addition looking for financial possibilities in America that were not available to them in the “old country.” Immigration continues to be a constant force in the population and needs of our country, as nearly 30 million immigrants entered the U.S. between the years of 1870 and 1930. Today, a quick scan of the newspaper headlines and television news programs are a reminder of the impact immigration has on the country, its consumers and its businesses. While some people are attempting to understand the naturalization process steps of becoming an American citizen in a country where they have been contributing for years, still others are Americans trying to navigate the fine points of traveling in and out of the country for business and vacation needs. Both sets of people, those coming into the country, and those traveling out of the country, might do best to consult a well-known and reputable law firm to understand the importance of proper paper work. Naturalization process steps are just one example of what immigration law attorneys and immigration law firms can provide. Interesting facts about U. S. immigration include the following facts: –the U.S. absorbed 60% of the world’s immigrants between the years of 1820 and 1930. –more than one million green cards are given out each year in the U.S. –a historically high 41 million immigrants lived in the United States in 2012. –20 percent of all migrants from around the world currently live in the U.S., accounting for less than 5 percent of the world population. –by far the largest immigrant group in the country, Mexican-born immigrants in 2012 accounted for 28 percent of the approximate 40.8 million foreign born in the United States. –also In 2012, approximately 51 percent of the immigrant population was female. –in total, the immigrant population in 2012 was older than the U.S.-born population. –the median age of immigrants was 42.6 years, the median age of native born is 35.9 years. These statistics just begin to tell the story of the needs of many of the newest people to our country. The explanation of naturalization process steps, deportation laws, green card application process steps, and other concerns indicate the need many people have for a good immigration lawyer. If you are an immigrant already living and working in the U.S. who is uncertain about your status connecting with the best immigration lawyers will help you get answer to questions and put your mind at ease. These same professionals also offer free consultation from an immigration lawyer to see if you need additional help. Whether you are a new immigrant to this country, or a long time citizen who is looking to increase your business travel back and forth between several international countries, having the assistance of the best immigration and international travel lawyers is in your best interest.