Been Injured in a Traffic Accident? Here Are Three Things You Didn’t Know a Truck Accident Lawyer Could Help You With

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Imagine this: you’re on the road when all of a sudden, your vehicle gets hit by a semi truck. Your car is totaled, traffic has stopped, and worst of all, you’re unable to move. You have broken bones, more than a few cuts and bruises, and a long path to recovery ahead of you. So what are you to do? Chances are you’ve been told to call a personal injury attorney, but you don’t just need one who fights general accident cases — you need a truck accident lawyer who has experience battling against trucking companies in the wrong.
How can a truck accident lawyer help you if you’ve been injured in an accident? Here are three things you probably didn’t know a personal injury attorney could do for you:
Truck accident attorneys can represent drivers just like you.
It may sound like truck accident lawyers only handle cases for truck drivers, but that’s not necessarily true. Both truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists can get seriously injured in a traffic accident. A truck accident attorney will ensure that you are treated fairly if you are hurt. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that there are an average of 11 accidents per day involving semi trucks, and those accidents kill around 4,000 people each year in the U.S. An attorney will ensure that victims are treated fairly and are able to recover from their injuries.
Truck accident law firms work with victims of all kinds of truck accidents.
From dump truck accidents involving government construction vehicles to semi truck accidents with vehicles from private trucking companies, any traffic collision involving a large truck is fair game. You may feel lost going up against government or corporate-backed truck drivers, but a skilled law firm can help bring you peace of mind. Further, they’ll ensure that your insurance company will fight on your behalf rather than giving up in the face of opposition from large companies or government agencies.
It’s easier to hire a truck accident attorney than ever before.
These days, the best personal injury attorneys will also give you plenty of information before you hire them. No more calling people in the phone book and hoping you’ve picked a good lawyer. In addition to asking friends and family for recommendations, you can also read reviews online before you set up a free consultation. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions before making a decision to hire a lawyer. Keep in mind, too, that accident attorneys will usually work on a contingency basis, which means that you won’t need to worry about fees unless they win your case for you.
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