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Improve Your Case Using Legislative Intent

Sometime the law, specifically state law and federal regulations and statutes, needs clarification as well as interpretation. Nearly 15 years ago, lawmakers in California decided that the public has a right to get and view government records in any format that exists, not just printed pages. This includes electronic records. There are services available that will locate this type of documentation so you can better understand existing laws and the circumstances or cause that lead to their amendment or enactment.

You want to use the services of a company that has one of the largest private collections of materials for legislative history within the U.S. They have the research staff capable of tracking down administrative and legislative documents generated clear back in the 1700’s until present day. Administrative agencies and courts both rely on being able to pull

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Four Strange Things That You Can Actually Get Arrested For

Minimum wage of states
Did you know that there’s a legal statute in Miami, Florida that makes imitating animals illegal? And believe it or not, that’s not the only weird legal statute that can get you arrested for seemingly innocuous things! Here are a few others our law research recently dug up.
No Lions in the Cinema.
MGM’s Leo the Lion and his famous roar might be synonymous with the cinemas, but in Baltimore, Maryland, it’s illegal to take a lion to the movies. Good thing, too, because otherwise daring zoo keepers and lion tamers might get funny ideas and then the city of Baltimore wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

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Three of the Weirdest Laws You’ll Hear About Today

California real estate tax
Laws are created for a reason. That much is clear. However, as time goes on, those reasons tend to become lost to history, while the antiquated legal statute created to rectify the problem remains on the books, often to the confusion and amusement of the government’s citizens.
Here are a few such strange legal statutes that we were able to dig up in our legislative research for your entertainment.
No Bear Wrestling in Alabama.
According to Alabama Code Section 13A-12-5, it’s a felony to wrestle a bear. Though bear wrestling is considered a pretty fun hobby to some strange minds, the Southern state considers it an inhumane exploitation. The legal statute even covers loopholes, making it illegal to also buy or sell a bear, or even promote a bear wrestling match. If caug

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