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These are the Most Common Reasons You Could Go to Court

When it comes to court cases, only the truly controversial get the attention of the media. However, there are quite a few common reasons you might have to appear in court even if you aren’t on a criminal trial. These are some of the most common reasons you might to hire a lawyer to help you survive a hearing.
Personal injury cases are quite rare, with only approximately 4-5% actually going to trial. The rest are usually settled out of court. However, don’t let the numbers fool you. These cases are incredibly important and require legal help if you’re defending. Motor vehicle accidents make up the majority, according to the Department of Justice with drunk driving especially being a large problem. It is estimated that a person is injured by a drunk driver every two minutes. Drunk driving can not only risk a person’s life, but can cause thousands in car damage, hospital bills, and other costs. You need to find a defense lawyer if you’ve been the victim of one of these tragedies.

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