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Getting the Legal Advice That You Need May Help You Consider All of Your Options

When to get an attorney
You were wearing the dress that you had been trying for more than a year to fit into. When you checked yourself in the mirror as you left you could not help buy smile. For once, you were actually excited about going to your husband’s company Christmas party. You felt confident and could not wait to walk in and spend time with some of the people who you had not seen for a year.
And then, a distracted driver ran a red light, t-boned your car, and erased all of the plans that you had for the evening.
Your girls were excited about getting to spend Thanksgiving with all of their cousins on your side of the family. They packed separate suitcases for the thanksgiving trip before they left for their weekend with their father.
And then, your husband failed to get the girls home on time. As a result

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