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Taking a Closer Look At The Prevalence Of Personal Injury Cases Throughout The United States

From the wrongful death attorney to the truck accident attorney, personal injury cases are common here and truly all throughout the United States. In fact, personal injury cases are caused by many different types of accidents and events, as any wrongful death attorney or motorcycle injury attorney would be able to tell you. A wrongful death attorney is likely to see a high volume of cases, as is just about any personal injury attorney working here in the United States.
For instance, car accidents are a common cause of personal injury claims, so prevalent that they cause more than fifty percent (fifty two percent, to be more exact) of all personal injury cases. In part, this is due to the sheer number of car accidents that occur here in the United States, more than five and a half million for each and every year that passes by. These car accidents are often very much preventable, and such cases can lead to personal injury cases or even the need for a wrongful death attorney.

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