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Drunk Driving In The United States And Other Preventable Car Accidents

The need to hire a car accident lawyer is all too common – no matter where you may go in the United States. With as many as six million car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents a year – which result in more than forty thousand fatalities and three million injuries ranging from minor to much more severe – car and motor vehicle accidents are far too common. And while it is true that some of the causes of these car accidents are difficult to prevent – take, for example, a case of inclement or severe weather that leads to such a motor vehicle accident – many can be prevented and even stopped entirely. In fact, the three main causes of car accidents in the United States – driving under the influence (drunk driving), speeding, and driving while distracted – are all highly preventable. Drunk driving is a common cause of the American car crash and has led to many a car wreck and will, unfortunately, likely lead to many more. Drunk driving, as well as driving under the influence of

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Are You Looking for a Lawyer to Help You Defend a DUI Charge?

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You feel as if you have just dodged a bullet. And while your family was not a part of a bullet in a literal violent crime, the impact of the legal ramifications of a recent situation could have been as devastating.
Your 22-year old son should have known better, but his lack of judgement nearly got him into a situation that could have been devastating. Out with a group of college friends after attending a college football game, the group initially had plans to get a safe ride home at the end of the night. With the name of a private cab driver on a card in their billfold, this was the plan for the end of the evening. When one of the guys in the group fell and hit his head, however, your son took charge. Knowing that they were just a few blocks from his car, your son ran from the bar where the fall

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