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The Need for a Illegal Immigrant Lawyer

Last year in 2016, 42.7 millions individuals entered the United States as nonimmigrants (I-94), having various temporary visas. These immigrants accounted for 13.5 % of the total population of the United States. according to American Community survey data (ACS). There was a 7% increase in foreign born individuals over the prior year (2015). Mexicans accounted for approximately 26% of immigrants to the United States in 2016. making them the largest foreign born group in the country.
In the year 2017, one fifth of the worlds migrants were living in the United States. The year before that, approximately 18 million children under the age of eighteen lived with at least one immigrant parent. This accounted for 26% of the 70 million children under the age of 18 in the United States. Of those people naturalized in 2016, 151,830 were living in California. That year there were a total of 753,066 people naturalized in the United States with approximately 52% of them being female.

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