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Understanding Personal Injury Lawsuits

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How is personal injury law different from other types of lawsuits or court cases? Is a personal injury attorney different from other attorneys? Most people are generally aware that personal injury lawsuits are essentially when one person sues another or an entity for negligence that results in harm. But if you or someone you love has been hurt, in a car wreck, a workplace injury, or any other way in which someone else was negligent, it can be helpful to know a few important facts about personal injury law.

Lots of Personal Injury Cases are Settled Out of Court

The vast majority of personal injury cases can be settled early. A good personal injury attorney is look

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Protecting Yourself and Those You Love

Medical negligence
Life can be dangerous; it’s important to remember that there are attorneys out there who will make sure that you are treated fairly and represented in a way that ensures your future well-being.
One major reason a person may be in the market for an attorney is related to a car accident injury. Car accidents occur all too often and more than half of fatal accidents between 2003 and 2007 involved at least one driver who was potentially driving aggressively; 192,069 fatal crashes occurred during that four year span. In the United States, the economic cost of car accidents reached $242 billion in 2010. Property damage costs related to car accidents was $76.1 billion that same year.
Car accidents are not the only reason to hire an attorney; nursing home neglect is, unfortunately, anyone who has loved

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