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Why Everybody Should Have a Patent Attorney for Their Idea

You have an idea and now you want to try and pitch it to businesses and consumers. However, when it comes to intellectual property issues, you want to ensure that your rights are protected so that your idea is not stolen out from under you and used in a way that you never intended, to give money to a bigger business. Because of this, you need a patent lawyer and the ability to file a patent application so that you can get started on this process.

What Does a Patent Attorney Do?

Not every attorney will be able to file a patent, and sometimes a special type of individual known as a patent lawyer will need to help you file a patent application so that you can get started on working on a product that is important to you. Patent lawyers have spent many years studying the laws that regard these cases so that they can help you protect your rights under the law when you have an idea for a new product and want to ensure that it is not taken from you.
Patent laws have be

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What You Need to Know About International Patents

International patents let you control the rights to your invention around the world. The World Intellectual Property Organization is the body that grants and oversees international patents. If you’re interested in an international patent, here’s what you need to know about the international patent process.

Do You Need an International Patent?

Before you start the international patent process, it’s important to consider your needs and goals. International patents only cover 151 countries, so if you’re planning on selling primarily outside of those places, you’ll have to file directly with the country where you intend to sell. Also be aware that the cost can be high, so if you’re not going to be ready for business abroad in the near future, it might be worthwhile to wait before initiating the international patent process

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