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The Importance Of a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorney portland oregon
In the year of 2015, there were just about 4% of all drivers that were using handheld smartphones or other electronic devices. In the following year of 2016, this percentage managed to decrease to 3.3%. However, this is still not a good number as absolutely no one should be using a cellphone while driving. Stats have proven that this is just as dangerous as driving while drunk.
When there is an accident that involves someone using their cellphone while driving, they will need the help of a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney is someone that can truly help those who are injured in a car accident. Here are some facts about the importance of hiring a personal injury attorney.
The Association for Safe International Road Travel is a group that records and studies

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Benefits of Working With a Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal injury lawyer portland
Personal injury cases can be complex and it can be easy to get a lower settlement than you should. Fortunately, this is where personal injury lawyers come in. By working with a personal injury law firm, you’ll have the experience and knowledge that’s needed to win your case. Personal injury attorneys can be extremely beneficial when it comes to making settlements or mediating a claim. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of hiring a personal injury law firm.
For starters, a pers

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