Crime Important Facts for You to Know

Criminal defense attorney

These days we often need to take extra steps within the law to protect ourselves. We need to know how to do certain things like hire a lawyer, filing a restraining order and what rights we have to uphold. Many of the aspects people are looking into these days include questions about DUIs, domestic and elderly abuse, wrongful convictions and probation details.

DUI Crimes

It’s a common misconception that if you are charged with your first DUI, you will not be arrested. However, on their first offense, over 1.4 million people are arrested yearly for a DUI. DUI consequences can be very serious. In California, the maximum penalty for a misdemeanor first DUI conviction is $2,600 in penalty assessments and a $1,000 fine. The charges may also result in a six month license suspension and up to six months imprisonment in the county jail. Hiring a drunk driving attorney will allow you to sort out all the details and gain some clarity.

Filing a Restraining Order

There are certain cases in the law that require filing a restraining order to help fix the issue. Domestic violence and elderly abuse are the most common reasons for filing a restraining order. When elderly people, typically age 65 or older, are threatened or abused, an elderly abuse restraining order is put in place to assist them and keep them safe. This is also the case for people who are incapable of caring or speaking for themselves. Domestic violence statistics are on the rise and the best way to prevent further abuse is by contacting an attorney at law and filing a restraining order.

Wrongful Convictions

In the United States there are roughly 10,000 people each year who are wrongfully convicted or serious crimes according to 188 judges, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, police and sheriffs who were surveyed. The most common reason for wrongfully convicted crimes is eyewitness misidentification, accounting for around 52.3% or those convictions. Next, 11% of wrongful convictions are caused by witnesses who commit perjury on the stand. When incidents such as these happen you will need to find an attorney that can help you with filing a restraining order, sorting out court appearances and ensuring your rights are not violated.


Probation occurs after arrest or in place of jail time. There were a total of 11,302,102 arrests nationwide in 2013. Drug law violations accounted for 1,501,043 of them. By the end of 2012, there was an estimated 4,781,300 adults under community supervision. There were 4.1 million adults moved onto or off probation in 2012. In 2011, 66% of the probationers completed their terms or were discharged early. In 2012 that percentage rose to 68%. Local attorneys can help you understand more about your or your loved ones probation.