DUI Don’t Ruin Your Life Because of One Bad Decision

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Drunk driving is one of the worst things a person can do. When you drunk drive, you’re not only putting your life in danger, but everyone around you is at risk because of your bad decision.
It may not feel like it, but one of these things that can happen to a drunk driver is to get pulled over. If they don’t get pulled over, they could end up taking someone’s life with their reckless driving. Getting pulled over after drinking — even just one or two drinks — is terrifying and should, at the very least, scare you into never driving under the influence again. Hopefully it will.
Imagine a night where you’re out to dinner with some friends. No one is really drinking heavily, but you’re all there catching up for a while, and you lose track of times and the amount of beers you had. Now comes the part of the night which could change your life and potentially end up taking someone else’s: the decision to drive or not.
No matter what, the decisions should always be easy: if you had a few drinks — do not drive!
That’s the decision that is made in the perfect world. In our world, however, too many people chose the riskier option, and elect to drive drunk.
Now you’re driving down at night with your ability impaired. You’re at risk and you are putting everyone else in your area at risk. You think you’re driving fine but a cop hidden in the shadow of the night sees you break a little too quickly. Now the lights are in your rearview mirror.
You pull over.
Now is when you finally admit to yourself that you made the wrong decision back at the restaurant. If you just called a cab you’d be safely on your way home and there would be no punishment. You didn’t make that choice, however, and now your life is changed forever.
As the officer approaches your vehicle you try to tell yourself that you’re fine and you only had a few drinks. You hiccup. The officer shines a bright light into your face and you know your eyes are not too sober-looking at that moment. You try to give the officer your driver’s license and registration without error but you fiddle with the documents because you are so nervous.
“step out of the car, please,” the officer says.
You are now standing on the side of the road, staring at a breathalyzer with police lights in the background, and now you really, really wish you chose differently back at the restaurant.
Your life has changed forever.
Make sure you’re never in the situation that this hypothetical person was in. If you have to go to court, drunk driving defense attorneys can work with you to make sure at the very least, you’re getting a fair and just trail. Drunk driving defense attorneys will provide you with the legal assistance you need during this difficult and stressful time.
There are situations when you really are innocent — even though you were charged with a DUI. If that’s the case, DUI attorneys should be able to help. It’s important to consult with the most experienced and professional drunk driving defense attorneys prior to your trial so you are getting the best assistance possible. Contact qualified DUI lawyers today if you’re in need of legal aid.