Facing a DUI Conviction? Now is the Time to Contact a Defense Attorney

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Drunk driving is a serious, and common, crime across the U.S., and Ohio is no exception. Using the term OVI, operating a vehicle under the influence, Ohio is very strict when it comes to cracking down on drunk drivers, and deal out hefty fines and penalties for getting caught. This crackdown has translated into more people looking for and finding a good attorney, with a preference for the best dui attorney out there.
Ohio state dui laws are pretty rough when it comes to the penalties that one can receive if caught. For example, there’s an implied consent law in Ohio, meaning that if someone refuses a chemical test, they’ll end up with a fine and a suspension of their license. Unfortunately for driver’s, license suspensions can range anywhere between six month to three years! First time offenses are usually able to pay a license reinstatement fee of $450 to get their license back, but it doesn’t erase the damage that’s been done. In Ohio, a first offense can come with up to six points on a license!
A conviction comes with even heftier consequences, like jail time and even larger fines. DUI convictions in Ohio can come with fines ranging between $250 to $1000 and anywhere between three days and six months in jail. And DUI charges don’t just go away after the fact. In fact, a DUI creates a criminal record, making it more difficult to obtain employment, loans, and other future opportunities, which is why Ohio takes drunk driving so seriously.
Unfortunately, drunk driving and DUIs are very common in Ohio. How common? Well, an estimated 1.1 million people have at least one DUI conviction. Of those 1.1 million, about 44,789 have five or more convictions, and two people have a whopping 20 DUI convictions! This means that Ohio lawyers are staying busy, especially criminal defense attorneys and criminal defense firms. And rightly so. A top criminal defense attorney will be able to help alleviate the blow of a DUI conviction. The best dui attorney out there will try their best to get their client a plea bargain. They’ll use their expertise to help protect the rights of their client and take the appropriate action to alleviate any consequences. They’ll analyze any available videos, talk to any witnesses, and challenge breathalyzer tests if they think it’ll help their client’s case.
So for those unfortunate enough to find themselves convicted of a DUI charge, it might be time to contact the best dui attorney they know to help lessen to blow of the conviction.