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Over the past twenty years the culture of our society has changed from year to year. This change in culture has been spurred by a number of different factors, some good and some bad. Some people that our culture is progressing in ways that are for the best, and some people believe we are moving in the wrong direction.
Divorces was once thought to be a taboo action that should not be done but now the culture around divorces have changed as well. People, and wome nspecifically, are less fearful to hand their husbands or partners divorce papers because they are viewed now as equals to men more than ever before. If you are given contested divorce forms, then here are some facts that you should know.
You can get the right divorce help that you need whether it be one divorce lawyer or an entire divorce law firm. Divorce lawyers have spent more than four years studying in college to serve people in the court of law when they are given contested divorce forms. You can even get a good therapist to help you deal with the mental pain of this process.
There is normally a zero to six month waiting period after the first divorce petition is filed and served on the partner before a divorce actually becomes final. So know if you are given contested divorce forms that it will be a long process, try to prepare yourself for this. It will be a long period of time in which you will have to face your failed relationship.
Just about two-thirds of all divorces are filed by women, giving them the majority of filed divorces. There are a lot of reasons as to why people get divorced, one of them involves cheating. As a matter of fact, nearly 50% of all cases given to therapists involve infidelity.
You should also know that the Journal of Family Issues published a study revealing that cheating was the leading cause of divorce, with 22% of all people involved in the survey saying that this ended the marriage. The same study revealed that 11% of all couples said drinking or drug abuse ended their marriage and 20% saying they were divorced due to incompatibility.
If you are given contested divorce forms and you are a man, you may not see your kid as much. Only 22% of all fathers that do not live with their children will see their kids at least more than once a week. These types of things are normally settled in custody cases, which can branch off of contested divorce forms.
In almost 5% of all custody cases, the issue was resolved after a custody evaluation. In almost 29% of all custody cases, the decision was amde without any third party involvement. If you date someone for more than three years before getting engaged then you and your partner are 40% less likely to get divorced when compared to couples that date less than a yar before getting engaged.
In Conclusion
If you are handed contested divorce forms, it is not the end of the world. While the process will be difficult to deal with, you can overcome it by hiring the right law firm to help you in court. You can protect yourself, your money, and your children from a difficult divorce process. If you are involved in a divorce it is best to be as civil as possible so the family is not as torn as before.