Facts On The Work Of a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When it comes to the legal system in the United States, some people are unaware of laws that range and vary from minor to serious. As a result, some people can end up in trouble with the law due to minor problems. As a result, they will need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer.
Despite similar crime rates, the United States’ probation rate is more than 400% higher than European countries. From 1980 to 2014, the number of people on probation in the United States has risen from 1.1 million to 3.9 million. These types of facts are random but important because they represent some of the ways in which the legal system works. Here are all of the facts on traffic tickets and hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.
Dealing with a traffic violation can range from a serious situation to a non-serious situation and that mostly deals with what kind of traffic ticket you have been given. Parking in the wrong spot is not serious but traffic violations that deal with driving under the influence of alcohol are incredibly serious. Make sure you consult with a traffic ticket lawyer that is talented and reliable.
In 2017, there were 449,386 arrests in New York State, totaling 142,571 felonies and 306,815 misdemeanors. This is staggering in terms of the raw number and points to the prevalence of traffic ticket lawyers in long island. Also, keep in mind that New York’s Zero Tolerance Law that states if you are driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.02% or higher while being under the age of 21 you will be hit with a driving while intoxicated charge which is no joke!
Anyone that is driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .18% or higher will be charged with an aggravated DWI. Leandra’s Law is a law created to deal with young children charged with driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The specific definition involves any alcohol-related offenses committed against a child less than 16 years old in the vehicle are charged with class E felonies.
Drivers under 21 account for 11% of drivers involved in drug and/or alcohol-related deaths. As a result, there are stiff penalties and laws that surround driving drunk. While this has not been stopped completely, it is something that should continue to be enforced to help people stay away from driving drunk, which is incredibly dangerous.
Drivers under the age of 21 are about 5% of the driving population. As a result, the laws that surround driving under the influence of alcohol at such an age work hard to curb this activity. Driving While Intoxicated, under New York State Law, constitutes operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher if you’re 21 years of age or older.
In Conclusion
There are accidents caused by drunk driving every year that tear families apart and devastate people across the country. It is imperative that tough laws are enforced to try and stop people from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated.