Have You Been The Victim Of A Violent Crime In Montana?

Kirsten pabst

What’s in an attorney, anyway?

Peace-of-mind, for one. Results, for another. There’s little to lose and much to gain when you invest in an attorney, particularly when the aftermath of a difficult event has you struggling to keep yourself sane.

There are many reasons to contact a county attorney for help. You could be the victim of a car crash, struggling to make ends meet as you figure out your medical bills, car insurance and additional damages. Perhaps you’ve been harassed in the workplace and you want to know your options. Legal advice is practically invaluable when it comes to figuring out where you stand and can go a long way in providing you the closure you’re looking for. If you live in the state of Montana and have been the recent victim of a crime, look below to learn more about why you should consider contacting Kirsten Pabst for a little help.

Montana, just like any other state, has its ups and downs. The chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Missoula is a little lower-than-average, sitting at a one out of every 22 people or so. Irregardless, that isn’t a very consoling figure if you’ve woken up one morning to find your car vandalized or your garden shed broken into. While the Council Of State Governments Justice Center recently reported that property crimes have decreased by 30% in the state of Montana, it doesn’t hurt to type in ‘Kirsten Pabst Missoula county attorney’ when worst comes to worst.

Every attorney in the Montana county will serve four-year terms. It’s estimated over 3,600 crimes are committed in Missoula every year, ranging from petty theft to more serious allegations. Drug offenses account for nearly 20% of all arrests in Missoula County, while the majority of violent crimes processed through the county attorney’s office are related to domestic violence. Knowing what you’re up against can help with keeping your head above water as you navigate court hearings, paperwork filings and legal advice. A Missoula county attorney will make sure you have everything in working order.

Domestic violence is a rampant issue that needs to be taken seriously no matter how ‘small’ or ‘minor’ the symptoms seem. Physical abuse includes pushing, grabbing, slapping and pulling hair. Emotional abuse includes being intimidated on a regular basis, manipulated and made to feel unsafe. It’s estimated a person is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds in the United States. If you’re concerned you may be the victim of domestic violence, a great place to start is with ‘Kirsten Pabst Missoula attorney’. There’s no reason for you to fight this battle alone.

Statistics can help remind you of this simple fact. The year 2016 saw over 800 sexual assaults as well as 4,000 domestic violence crimes reported in the state of Montana. This same year saw Missoula county attorney Kirsten Pabst launching the state’s very first formal Criminal Mediation Program. This was designed to help create better communication between multiple parties as justice is reached for a wide variety of crimes, among other things, and is one of many benefits that Montana residents will be enjoying for years to come. When you’re unsure of where to go next, an attorney is the beacon of light you’ve been looking for.