Have You Had a Disaster Wreck Your Vacation?

Timeshare contract release
It is difficult when vacations do not go as planned. It is a disaster, however, when a vacation investment goes wrong. Time, energy, and wasted vacation days are all lost if you get caught up in one of the timeshare scams that are becoming more and more common.
Unfortunately, many people immediately regret their time share purchase. Sometimes it takes a year before the regret sets in, sometimes a month. It it important, however, to know that in many situations you may have recourse from your situation. Contacting timeshare attorneys can help you understand where you stand in your contract. For instance, finding timeshare lawyers may be able to help you find a loophole in the contract that can provide you an early exit from your property.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the timeshare industry and the problems that sometimes occur:
  • Restful days by the beach or long hikes in the mountains are the best way to make sure that your vacation gets off to a great start. If your vacation timeshare, however, is not meeting your expectations, both he beach and the mountains can be of little comfort.
  • Up to 85% of timeshare buyers regret their purchase, citing confusion, money, intimidation, fear, and distrust as their main reasons.
  • Industry wide, the timeshare market is worth $70 billion dollar.
  • Nearly 1,547 timeshare resorts are in America.
  • Every vacation day that you have should be enjoyable. That is difficult to do if you are not satisfied with your timeshare purchase.
  • Deciding to consult an attorney about a timeshare contract that does not meet its expectations, can help you see if you have any legal recourse.

  • Vacation time is important to everyone. Make sure that your vacation time and dollars are not wasted on a bad timeshare.
  • A group of timeshare scams can have similar indicators. By visiting a timeshare attorney, you may find someone to look over your case, create the fact pattern, and send it to the timeshare companies to review. You need to be prepared, however, that if your case does not have merit, they might not take it.
  • Costs for an average timeshare are $20,040.
  • As many as 25% of U.S. timeshares are located in Florida, so it makes sense that there are more timeshare scams in that state.
  • The average age of timeshare owners in America is 46.8 years old.
  • In most cases, consumers have as long as one week to rescind a sales contract for a timeshare.
  • Only 3% of U.S. households own a timeshare. This means that many of the people who enter a timeshare deal that does not meet their expectations can feel pretty isolated.
  • Nearly 7% of U.S. households, which includes 9.2 million, own one or more types of a shared vacation ownership product, according to the 2016 U.S. Shared Vacation Ownership Consolidated Owners Report.