Here are the Basics of Applying for a Patent

Patents and patent law are an important part of creating new inventions and devices, and have been for a very long time. The first patent law was established over 220 years ago. Patents are important because they give inventors sole rights to technology they create for a certain period of time, to prevent imitators from coming in and stealing something they didn’t invent. Patent law was put in place to encourage inventors to come forward with new inventions and make them available to the public. If you’ve created an invention, applying for a patent is a very important process and one that needs to be started as soon as possible. This article looks at the basics of applying for a patent.
  • Determine What Type of Patent You Need: Generally speaking there are three kinds of patents you can choose from: utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. The first step in applying for a patent is to determine which kind of patent you need.
  • Speak to a Patent Lawyer: Patent laws for patent protection can be very complicated to get through, and to avoid any unnecessary complications, it would be best to speak to a patent attorney so they can help you safely navigate the process of applying for a patent. A patent attorney can talk you through the forms you need for a patent application, as well as thoroughly explaining all of the patent protections your invention can receive.
  • Document Everything: When applying for a patent, it is vital to keep records of every step you took in the process of creating your invention. Before a patent can be granted, the patent office will need to see documentation that you are the one who came up with this invention and how you did it.
  • File the Application: Once you’ve determined the type of patent you need, and after you’ve spoken to a patent lawyer and gathered your documents, the next step is to file your application with the United States Patent Office. When filing, keep in mind that the USPTO receives over half a million patent applications every year and it will likely take some time for them to get to and process your application. So be prepared for a long wait to find out the results of your patent application.

To conclude, these are the basic things you need to know about applying for a patent. You need to know what kind of patent you’re applying for, you need to speak to a patent attorney to make sure you’re going through the process properly and that you’re aware of the patent protection you’ll be receiving. You’ll also need to keep thorough documentation before filing the application. These steps are the basics of applying for a patent, so keep them in mind when you begin this lengthy but important process.