How to Find a Good Lawyer in 2 Simple Steps

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Lawsuits are filed in the U.S. so frequently that the place has come to be known as a “sue-happy nation”. It might seem as though the majority of these are for frivolous things/things that could be resolved out of court, but this is not the case — there are many serious situations that occur each and every day that necessitate legal action. For example, illness/medical bills are some of the leading causes of bankruptcy filings – they make up 62% of all filings, according to the American Journal of Medicine. The number of auto/truck accidents has increased about 20% over the past two decades. And serious accidents (slips, trips, and falls) are always happening to industry workers.

It is important for people to have a lawyer on file to use in the case of any of the above situations, and more. However, finding a lawyer isn’t as simple as dialing the number of the first legal agency in the phone book. Choosing a lawyer is like choosing a doctor. You must find someone who is qualified/has a good reputation, a good temperament, is affordable, and is able to take care of your specific needs.

The following tips will teach you how to find a good lawyer.


1. Get Referrals
There are different avenues to take in order to get referred to a good lawyer. You may seek personal referrals from acquaintances who may be going through the same problem as you — for example, if your issue is one of workers compensation, people whom have gone through the same situation may be able to point you in the direction of good workers compensation attorneys. You may also try online lawyer directories, which can connect you to lawyers near you that have the skills to handle your case. Business referrals (recommendations from businesses that provide services to important people in the legal area you are interested in) and physical lawyer referral services also prove very helpful.

2. Have Interviews
Once you’ve compiled a list of possible lawyers, conduct interviews with them. Interview each and every one and assess each person’s

a) Personality (their general temperament and chemistry with you)
b) Communication/Promptness (how well they communicate with you, and how fast they do so)
c) Willingness to Work With You (how well they try to accommodate you in terms of their rates, making sure you’re educated about the case/on the same page as them, etc).

Choosing an attorney is becoming a decision that more and more people must make as time goes on. It is a long process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. With the above tips, knowing how to find a good lawyer for your case shouldn’t be a concern any longer.