How to Properly Estate Plan

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As you look at the importance of estate planning, you quickly realize the only way you are going to get through the process is to work with a residential real estate attorney. The best residential real estate attorney will be able to answer a variety of questions, including ones on estate planning and even the probate process. Find a highly qualified residential real estate attorney and have some peace of mind that comes with being prepared. A probate attorney can offer you the answers you need as you try to get through this difficult process. The probate process ensures the correct distribution of assets and estate among the beneficiaries listed in the will of a deceased individual. The best probate attorney will be able to answer a variety of questions including issues pertaining to the will, bank accounts and property. A probate attorney will help you accelerate the process, including locating missing assets or reducing creditor bills. According to Daily Finance, only 57.9% of American adults have a will and estate plan set in place. According to Daily Finance, 12% of surveyed American adults say they know nothing about estate planning. According to Daily Finance, an estimated 20% of American adults plan to do some estate planning before the end of the year. There are several issues that need to be resolved during the estate planning process, including who can be the personal representative. A person 18 years or older can be appointed a personal representative of an estate. Real estate lawyers help their clients through conflicts that arise while renting, buying, or selling property. The importance of having a will cannot be understated, particularly after you have purchased real estate. A residential real estate attorney will help you with estate planning and who will decide the disposition of remains. In most cases, it will likely be the spouse who determine the disposition of the deceased remains. Do not just leave written instructions in your will. You can change your mind with oral instructions. If you want to start estate planning, make sure to find a residential real estate attorney who will be able to create a document that will benefit your family. The best residential real estate attorney knows will have your best interests at heart. Find a commercial real estate attorney and have peace of mind in case of emergency. To learn more, read this.