How to Safely Commute by Bicycle

Car and bicycle accident
Bicycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and save the environment while traveling from place to place. Unfortunately, bicycling can also be dangerous, as cyclists don’t have the protection that a vehicle offers. There are many ways for cyclists to reduce their likelihood of being involved in a car and bike accident. Bicycle injury attorneys recommend taking the following safety steps to prevent car and bicycle accidents.
The first step to prevent getting into a car accident with bikes is to use appropriate safety equipment. For cyclists, this means wearing an helmet that fits. The chin strap should be secure, and the helmet should not move when you shake your head. Bicycle head injuries are a major cause of cyclist fatalities when involved in car accidents, and wearing a helmet is the best way to prevent traumatic brain injury. In addition to helmets, cyclists should endeavor to make themselves as visible as possible. Bright, reflective clothing can work in conjunction with head and tail lights to make a cyclist easy to spot.
Before setting out on any ride, cyclists should double-check all their equipment for damage or any necessary maintenance. Brakes, tires, lights, and chain should be inspected at the outset of any bicycle journey. An equipment malfunction can cause a cyclist to fall into traffic, and functioning brakes can be the difference between getting home safely and not getting home at all.
Once a cyclist is appropriately dressed and equipped, bicycle injury attorneys emphasize the importance of following the rules of the road. By riding with traffic and stopping for stop signs and red lights, a cyclist makes it easier for drivers to predict his or her movements, and therefore makes it more difficult for them to be hit by a car. Cyclists are also encouraged to avoid passing cars on the right as it can make it difficult for turning cars to see their approach.
By following these suggestions, bicycle enthusiasts make the road a safer place for drivers and other cyclists.