Taking A Look At Divorce In The United States

Getting married is common, but so too, unfortunately, is getting a divorce. From Boca Raton divorces to divorces in Chicago to divorces in Hawaii or Alaska, divorce is not rare by any meaning of word. After all, more than 800,000 different divorces will take place over the course of just one year. This means that a new couple is finalizing their divorce for just about every half of a minute that passes by.
And there are many things to lead to Boca Raton divorces and other such divorces all throughout the country. For one thing, simply being married multiple times greatly increases the ultimate chance of your marriage ending in divorce. For while first marriages already lead to many Boca Raton divorces and the like, as up to 42% of them will end in divorce, more than 60% of second marriages end in divorce. For third marriages, more than 70% will end this way – nearly three quarters of them. When we look at not just Boca Raton divorces but divorce rates throughout the country, we can see quite clearly that this is the case for many of these marriages that are ending.
Boca raton divorces and other such divorces also occur often because of infidelity, as just about any divorce lawyer will likely be all too able to attest to. After all, up to half of the caseload seen by couples therapists will actually be in therapy due to infidelity. And while some people are able to work through this road block in their relationship, many will unfortunately not be. Therefore, Boca Raton divorces and divorces all throughout the rest of the country are seen, as infidelity ends more than 20% of all of the marriages that ultimately end in divorce, making it the current leading cause of divorce as of the present date.
And still there are more reasons that people are getting divorced more and more frequently in today’s modern age. More than 10% of people who get divorced unfortunately decide to end their marriages because of a problem with substances. Addiction cases are being seen with an ever increasing prominence as the years pass on, and so it is only logical that marriages would be ending because of it. In addition to this, more than 19% of all people who decide to end their marriages ultimately end up doing so simply because it is felt that the couple has stopped being compatible. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently when people do not give their marriages the time that it deserves.
And when a divorce happens, no matter what the cause might be, there are many things that must be decided upon – especially if it is going to be a low cost divorce. After all, mediation services for one thing are well worth the additional fee as they will likely save the divorcing party a great deal of money at the end of the day. For a great many people, seeking out a low cost divorce attorney will also mean seeking out a mediator from a reputable mediation service, as the two will all too often go hand in hand. The process of divorce can be pricey in many different ways, but finding a way to work together, for one last time, as a couple is something that can help to reduce these costs and make the divorce much less painful all the way around. Contentious divorces have, in many ways, become the norm – but this does not necessarily have to become the case for your own divorce.
At the end of the day, divorce is simply just a reality of life. As long as there is marriage, there will be divorce – and vice versa. Working through the divorce with as much grace as one can possibly muster is likely to be quite hugely beneficial in this regard. After all, a contentious divorce is one that is all too likely to drag on and on, sometimes taking even longer than a year before fully able to be resolved and finalized. Hiring a competent divorce attorney can help to prevent this from happening, as too can hiring a mediator to conduct mediation services.