The Construction Industry Is Changing Why It Pays To Have Lawyers By Your Side

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The construction industry is in a league all its own. It impacts all of our lives in minor to major ways, whether we’re working as a day laborer or benefiting from the collective efforts of hundreds in a brand new building. Because of this dynamic ripple effect the area of construction law has to be just as flexible, lest a minor mistake create financial consequences that are nearly impossible to bounce back from. When you look into lawyers to help you with the ever-changing face of construction law you’re doing more than just an obligation. You’re setting up a solid foundation to carry you through all these shifts in one piece.

What Are Notable Changes In The Construction Industry?

Lawyers can do their job better when you’re caught up on the changes in your industry. Just a few years back the construction industry saw a massive shift in its workforce — the time span between April of 2006 and January of 2011 saw over 40% of workers laid off in various fields. This has led to many expressing concerns about job security and job placement. Builders risk coverage is one such method of fallback for both businesses and workers. This contract is written for a minimum one-year term to cover any new building or structure.

How Has Construction Technology Changed Over The Years?

Our future lies in our tools and how well we can use them. Drones, in particular, have changed multiple industries around the country for the better. Colin Guinn of 3-D Robotics believes drones will better help both engineers and architects approach their construction tasks more accurately. This is partially due to feeding them a constant stream of up-to-date visual information. Another useful aspect drones provide are the varied perspectives they can offer any single construction project.

What Other Forms Of Technology Will Be Used In Construction?

Drones are not the only new kid in town. 3-D printers have received a lot of press these past few years and nowhere is that more clear than the avid changes they’re bringing to the construction industry’s proverbial table. Nowadays construction companies are more likely to use 3-D printers to print their concrete materials. These can be done on a massive scale or a small one, with either extreme still provided the most accurate end result possible. Not only can work be done faster, it can be done safer.

Should I Choose Arbitration Or Litigation?

A construction attorney will be able to provide you consultation and representation should your business come under fire. Any lawyers you choose should be familiar with the differences between arbitration and litigation. The former is often chosen by businesses for its faster resolution time. According to studies provided by the American Arbitration Association, alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR) has a median time frame of 232 days. This factors in the initial filing to the final award.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

No matter the industry you work in, lawyers can keep your head above water. The construction industry is already seeing many businesses digging into employment law and seeking out new means of achieving the same goals. The very first national study of both civil bench and jury trials saw breach of contract cases exceeding 30% of all civil cases brought to court. These can also be incredibly pricey. The American Arbitration Association oversaw 550 construction industry cases reaching $500,000 or more. The largest ever case? Over $2 billion.

The construction industry is dynamic and unpredictable. Ground yourself by reaching out to lawyers who know what you and your brand needs to succeed.