Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Driving dunk is a serious offense with serious consequences. We shouldn’t do it, but we do. Either people don’t realize how bad they are or they think that they won’t be caught. But being caught by the police may be the least of your worries. What would happen if you get injured? Or what if you injury or kill someone else? Where do you even begin? You may need to consider hiring lawyers to handle your case. Below are the top 3 reasons to hire a lawyer for drunk driving.
1. Nearly $200 billion is spent on drunk driving in the U.S. per year. That includes court costs, medical expenses, and legal fees. It is common for either party in a car accident to hire lawyers to negotiate charges and payments. Law firms that specialize in criminal activity or car accidents will be able to manage your situation to the best possible outcome.
2. Car crashes may occur for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason, making up 32% of all car accidents, is drunk driving. Speeding comes in a close second at 31%. Distraction, such as text messages and cell phones, comes in third at 16%. And finally weather makes an appearance at 11%. There are nearly 3 times as many accidents due to drunk driving as there are from weather. That also means that police and insurance companies are more likely to blame drunk driving than weather. You may need a DUI lawyer to defend your case in court.
3. Every 2 minutes, someone is injured in a car accident due to drunk driving. Those medical bills can quickly increase and can last a long time. They may include surgeries, doctor appointments, physical therapy sessions, and medications. Insurance won’t cover it all. Make sure you are talking to a lawyer about how much you owe. Talk to an attorney so you have someone fighting for your side.
Whether you are being charged with drunk driving or you have caused an accident due to drunk driving, contact lawyers near you to manage your case. They can fight to reduce charges, advise you on the best deal to take, and negotiate whatever financial expenses you may encounter. Consider hiring a criminal defense attorney if you find yourself arrested for drunk driving.