Understanding Immigration Laws when Pursuing Citizenship

The topic of immigration laws has become a significant one in the current political climate. The problem is that many people do not fully understand what the immigration laws are in the United States, which leads to a great deal of confusion.
There are roughly 43.3 million people living in the United States that were foreign-born. This number has more than quadrupled since 1965 and some reports suggest it will continue to grow exponentially to roughly 78 million by the year 2065. This estimate is based on current immigration rates and laws.
While there are always concerns about illegal immigration, three-quarters of the foreign-born people living in the United States came here through the proper legal channels. It takes an average of seven years to become a legal citizen.
When looking at the total population, immigrants make up approximately 13%, which is significantly lower than many may realize. One report states that over 60% of the foreign-born people currently living in the United States have lived here for at least 15 years. Roughly 26% of the immigrant population are from Mexico, the rest are from all areas of the world.
Immigration law can be complicated, particularly for people that are not native English speakers. It is highly recommended that those who are interested in gaining United States citizenship get a good immigration lawyer, who is highly knowledgeable of immigration laws and how the immigration system works. The best immigration lawyers will have years of experience working specifically in the area of immigration law.
One of the many problems is that like all areas of law, immigration laws are constantly changing and developing. There are federal immigration laws as well as state and local laws pertaining to immigrants that need to be acknowledged and respected. Demonstrating the ability to be a law-abiding citizen is especially important during the citizenship process.
Areas throughout the southwest and California are particularly active in areas of immigration law because so many foreign-born people either start out in their region of the country or end up there once entering the country along the East coast. The dream of coming to America for a better life or more freedoms has long been enjoyed by foreign-born people. It is one of the foundational principles of the United States because this country was founded by immigrants looking for a better life.
While the quest of living in the United States should not be hindered, it also needs to be done with respect to for the laws and for the process. There is a specific process that foreign-born individuals should follow in order to become legal citizens. While some may think it is complicated or unnecessary, those laws and processes are in place for the safety and livelihood of all people.
For those who have obtained citizenship, they may feel there are many unknowns in the immigration system when it comes to their family and friends joining them. Immigration lawyers can also help in finding the location of immigrants, who may have been picked up by law enforcement or to determine the status of applications for citizenship.
The process can be highly frustrating and scary at times. However, having an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer that you trust will help in making the process go quicker and feel less complicated.