When Immigration Meets Medicine

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Attorneys who specialize in family based visa applications help families to reunite and gain security in building a life in the United States. Obtaining a family based visa opens the door to several opportunities, including the potential to access benefits like health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Completing the paperwork, navigating the constantly changing regulations, and finding the money to pay for the best immigration lawyer can be a serious undertaking for most Americans, but the benefits of finally securing a family based visa can be huge. For five health based reasons that now is the time to work with a family based immigration lawyer, keep reading.
1) Medical Requirements First, it is important to remember that when applying for a family based visa, you will likely be required to have a fairly extensive medical exam and become current on all vaccinations. In addition to helping you navigate the rest of the process, top immigration lawyers may also have referrals or connections to the best providers to help you fulfill this requirement.
2) Injury Safety Net Accidents happen. When they do, having access to health coverage to help pay for any incurred medical expenses is crucial. Consider the fact that there are more than 31 million injuries each year in the United States that require medical attention. Further, the National Center for Healthcare Statistics states that 2 million of those injuries may actually require hospitalization. When you account for auto accidents alone, there are 3 million injuries each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. All of these numbers mean that no one is invincible and everyone is at risk for injuries that could cost major dollars in medical care. Securing a visa and becoming eligible for affordable health coverage is crucial for being able to bounce back from an accident.
3) Choice in Provider When you obtain your family based visa and health coverage, one of the biggest benefits is your ability to access a whole new realm of medical providers. When you have choice in provider, you can be sure that you not only have someone you like and trust, but also the most competent doctor for your needs.
4) Grow Your Family If one of the reasons for obtaining your family based visa is to more easily grow your family, you will want to be sure you have good quality health insurance in place before creating a pregnancy. This will help make sure you and your baby have the best healthcare possible.
5) Breathe Easier Living in limbo or trying to figure out how to complete migration to the United States is a stressful time for any family. Completing the process with the help of a good immigration lawyer will ease the stress from being in limbo and could offer you access to much needed health coverage, both of which will help you breathe a bit more easily.
The United States immigration system is a complex one with a variety of changing regulations. Obtaining a family based visa, however, can be the ticket to securing not only your future in general but the kind of access to healthcare that will keep you and your family healthy.