When Should You Call A Legal Representative?

Truck injury attorney

Accidents can strike at any time. If you’ve been the victim of a car crash or are considering filing bankruptcy, a legal representative is there to help you navigate the law, mediate your situation and organize your finances while you get your life in order. There are different lawyers who hold specialties in various fields, such as lawyers for social security disability, personal injury lawyers and semi truck accident lawyers. Knowing who to call and why is key in making sure you don’t waste effort and money getting back on the right track. Below I will list accident statistics in the U.S., different forms of bankruptcy and the legal resources people turn to when they need help.

Car Accidents In The U.S.

One of the most common accidents in the United States are car crashes. It’s estimated that over 37,000 people die in car crashes yearly and around 98% of all semi accidents involve at least one fatality and several injuries. Driver fatigue is one of the most frequent causes for commercial truck accidents at 30%, while 90% of truck accidents overall involve a human error. The past few decades have seen a 20% increase in truck accidents and issues such as poor driving habits or neglect are often to blame for semi truck accidents. Auto accident lawyers specialize in the law of the road and work to assist you in organizing your medical bills, fees and potential tickets.

Filing For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has changed drastically in the past few years due to numerous factors. California saw an increase of bankruptcy filings at around 600% since 2006, though businesses have seen a significant decrease in filings in the past few years. The most common reasons people file for bankruptcy are illnesses, medical bills, credit card debt and job loss. The success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims is over 90%, with the average case costing $1,000 to $3,000, while Chapter 9 is a common solution for those seeking to organize debt and fees. Whether you are filing for a disability claim or are seeking worker’s compensation, a legal representative is an essential resource that ensures your rights are in the right hands.