Why is Gywneth Paltrow Consciously Uncoupling From Cold Play Singer Chris Martin?

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Gywneth Paltrow and ex-husband created quite the stir, and confused family divorce lawyers, with their extremely unique approach to their split. The couple — determined to put the needs of their children first — decided to skip court proceedings, settle their differences without mediation for child custody, and avoid terms like family divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys altogether. So what did they do, and are other Americans likely to follow suit?

Paltrow Announces That She Will “Consciously Uncouple” From Chris Martin

Paltrow took to her lifestyle website Goop to publicly announce her intentions to consciously uncouple from her long-time husband and Cold Play singer, Chris Martin. What is consciously uncoupling? Paltrow explains that she and Martin will use uncoupling facilitators instead of child custody lawyers. The differences, however, are not all about terminology.

In a decidedly unique spin on tradition, Paltrow and Martin will host an uncoupling ceremony. “[Paltrow] will wear a custom uncoupled pantsuit by Stella McCartney… It’ll be white. There will be an acoustic number by Chris, with the kids singing backup,” The Huffington Post reveals. The couples’ considerations and actions hope to make the break and its aftermath easier on their two children.

What Is the Verdict On Consciously Uncoupling?

Although their intentions and priorities are admirable, the verdict is still out on that one. Esteemed newsgroup NPR describes the situation as creative and applauds the couple for their unique way of going about things. Others, however, aren’t so easily convinced. Some children’s health experts speculate that the changes may not be as effective as the couple hopes. Others speculate that Paltrow and Martin are — in so many words (or indirectly) — condemning traditional divorce and the Americans who choose to get them.

For now, consciously uncoupling is highly unlikely to be the next big thing. Experts agree that Paltrow and Martin are creative, and — for now — that’s about all they agree on. Continue your research here. To learn more, read this.