Thinking About Becoming an Expert Witness? Follow These Steps

Forensic accounting expert witness

Are you a working professional who has specialized expertise in your field? If so, you’ve probably thought about how to become an expert witness to testify in court and give your expert input on a legal trial. When you become an expert witness, you can offer your expert knowledge in exchange for very good compensation, which makes it appealing to many people. However, the process for becoming an expert witness can be nuanced.

Here are the primary steps to becoming an expert witness you should take:

1. Become an expert: This is probably the most obvious step to become an expert witness. You should be as educated as possible in your field. The law says you can be qualified to become an expert witness if you have sufficient education, training or experience. Getting a postgraduate degree is often a good idea, but not necessary — for example, a medical expert witness should have a doctoral degree, but an auto mechanic expert witness just needs to receive the highest level of training in car mechanics.

2. Know how to speak well: If you can’t articulate your professional opinions in front of others, you probably won’t be very successful as an expert witness. You will most likely be required to come to court and testify with your expert knowledge, so public speaking skills are vital to making an impression on a jury. This includes taking complex, technical information and explaining it in a manner everyone can understand.

3. Create a website: Having your own website that shows off your credentials and any published work is a great step to become an expert witness. You should also include the fact that you’re available as an expert witness somewhere on the website.

4. Join an expert witness service: There are a variety of services and sites that help connect lawyers to expert witnesses, and joining one of them is a good way to become an expert witness. By listing your credentials and expertise in a directory, you’ll be much more likely to be contacted by a lawyer looking for your specialized knowledge.

Once you accept a lawyer’s offer to be an expert witness for his or her case, that’s it — you have become an expert witness. In exchange for sharing your specialized expertise in your field, you can do good for society while earning some extra money. More research here:

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