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5 Questions That Can Help You Choose the Right Attorney for Your Medical Malpractice Suit

Lawyer for catastrophic injuries

Personal injury is such a broad area of the law that’s it’s difficult to make generalizations; personal injury cases centering on medical malpractice, in particular, deserve some specific attention. When you’re considering hiring an attorney for medical malpractice reasons, there are some questions you should ask up front in order to ensure that you’ll have the right person to guide you through this often confusing process. Don’t forget any of these five:

  1. What Is Your Experience in This Area of Law?

    The title “attorney at law” doesn’t necessarily make someone a qualified attorney for medical malpractice issues. Make sure you ask about specific kinds of cases any prospective attorney has handled, as well as their outcomes.

  2. How Will Fees

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What All Workers Need to Know About Discriminatory Firings

Employee laws

Some of the most important employee laws established in the U.S. are those that prevent discrimination in hiring, promotion, demotion and firing. If you are fired for a discriminatory reason, then you would need to file a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against your employer to recover your lost wages, get your job back, seek damages or a combination thereof.

The Definition of Discrimination

When it comes to actual employee laws, not all unfairness counts as discrimination. If you’re an at-will

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