4 Reasons to Call a Family Lawyer

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If you are in need of an attorney for family disputes or legal advice family law can be a complicated subject. Basically, anything that is regarding children, parents or immediate family would be placed under the category for legal advice family law. Here are a few reasons why you might call a family law lawyer.
  1. Divorce There are many legal questions about divorce that need to be answered before the papers are ever filed. If you are separated, it might be a good time to call a divorce attorney, just in case. You want to make sure that you are fully prepared, should divorce be the next course of action. When it comes to legal advice family law encompasses divorce so a divorce attorney also may be able to refer you and your spouse to possible marriage counseling or the children to counselling if you think that might be necessary. Counselling is only to help them understand that the divorce is strictly between the husband and the wife and the children are not to blame or think that they have done something wrong at all. Counselling and legal advice may also help the mother and father to learn how to communicate effectively with the children throughout the process.

  2. Child Custody In the event of a divorce, if there are children, custody of the children becomes an issue. Finding out who gets the children and when can be a big process and often times it is not civil if one of the parties is not in agreement with the court’s decision. Appeals and more court cases can end up taking place, drawing out the process even longer. The best case scenario is to settle the issue in mediation, but even then you would probably want to have your lawyer on call to help you understand the legal implications of whatever the two parties decide. If you are getting legal advice family law also covers child custody and how you should go about filing for it.

  3. Emancipation If a child is a minor but feels they should no longer be under the guardianship of their parent or guardian, they can file for emancipation. This means that they would be responsible for their own well being and up bringing. A judge will consider why the child wants to be emancipated from their parents and the ability which he or she has in order to safely and effectively care for themselves. Many times, a child will become emancipated but will still live with family or friends until they have completed school or other obligations. This usually is only granted if the courts decide that the parents are unfit to raise their child and the child is responsible enough to not have to go into foster care or an adoption situation.

  4. Domestic Abuse If there has been any kind of verbal, emotional and especially physical abuse happening in the home, this is a crucial reason to call a lawyer. You want to make sure that your family is protected from whoever is causing the abuse. While physical is the easiest to prove, verbal and emotional abuse are just as wrong and should be dealt with accordingly. Your lawyer will be able to give you advice on how to get proof and the steps that you should take in order to keep you and your family safe during the court process. Never be too afraid to contact a lawyer. They will do everything in their power to protect you, even if that means removing you all together from the situation and placing you in protective custody during the course of the trial. You nor your children should ever feel stuck in a place where this kind of abuse is going on. Your lawyer may be able to set you up in a safe house for battered women or other places where you can feel secure and protected.
There are other reasons to call a lawyer but hopefully this will help you see that lawyers not only represent you but they care about you and your situation and will do everything in their power to help you overcome what is going on. A lawyer lets you know when the law is on your side.