Laying Down the Law on Finding the Right Attorney for Your Needs

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It’s often been said that death and taxes are the only certainties in life, and as morbid as it sounds there’s a loud ring of truth to this sentiment. In addition to facing the inevitable realities of death and taxes, legal situations that require the professional counsel of a lawyer are also a certainty.
Whether it’s because of an auto accident, an injury on the job, property division, divorce, or child custody, most people will find themselves having to lawyer up at some point in their life. Facing legal challenges with the help of an attorney or a law firm has many benefits, which is why the task of finding the right one is so important.
Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when searching for an attorney.
Determine what your specific legal needs are
Just like any other profession, attorneys have specific areas of expertise that they specialize in. For example, just as it wouldn’t make sense to see a dermatologist for heart condition, it would make no sense to see a DUI attorney for help in filing a personal injury claim. While every lawyer has a general understand of the legal system, it’s important to find one that relevant experience in the legal matters you’re facing.
Ask around
Many attorneys retain new clients through word of mouth, and asking your friends or family for personal recommendations is a great way to begin your search. Perhaps you have a close friend who can recommend an excellent divorce lawyer, or a family member who can recommend a child custody lawyer they once worked with. You may even find that you feel more comfortable or at ease in working with a lawyer that successfully represented someone you’re close with.
Contact your local Bar Association
The American Bar Association, in addition to state and local Bar Associations, can be an excellent resource for people in search of an attorney. Local and state Bar Associations offer refer tools that can help people find legal representation based on their specific legal need. You can search for local listings of practicing and certified lawyers in your area which can help to narrow down your search.
Schedule a consultation
Once you’ve created a list of potential lawyers, you can begin contact them in order to schedule an initial consultation or meeting. During this time, you will have the opportunity to share the details of your case and get to know the lawyer. It’s important to arrive at these meetings fully prepared and ready to address any questions or concerns that you may have.