Taking a Closer Look At The Prevalence Of Personal Injury Cases Throughout The United States

From the wrongful death attorney to the truck accident attorney, personal injury cases are common here and truly all throughout the United States. In fact, personal injury cases are caused by many different types of accidents and events, as any wrongful death attorney or motorcycle injury attorney would be able to tell you. A wrongful death attorney is likely to see a high volume of cases, as is just about any personal injury attorney working here in the United States.
For instance, car accidents are a common cause of personal injury claims, so prevalent that they cause more than fifty percent (fifty two percent, to be more exact) of all personal injury cases. In part, this is due to the sheer number of car accidents that occur here in the United States, more than five and a half million for each and every year that passes by. These car accidents are often very much preventable, and such cases can lead to personal injury cases or even the need for a wrongful death attorney.
Drunk driving, for instance, all too often leads to the unjust loss of a loved one and the involvement of a wrongful death attorney. The negligence or misconduct that goes into the drunk driving incident can have serious consequences, with as many as twenty eight people killed in drunk driving related incidents each and every day that passes here in the United States alone. And it’s not just deaths that drunk driving leads to – a new person will be injured in a drunk driving related crash for every two minutes that pass us by.
And drunk driving is all too common here in the United States, leading to truck accidents and car accidents and many different types of accidents, something that any wrongful death lawyer is likely all too familiar with. After all, it’s estimated that up to three hundred thousand people get behind the wheel of their car while they are intoxicated each and every day here in the United States alone. Unfortunately, only around five thousand or less of those people are actually caught, leaving the rest on the road to endanger the lives of many.
And driving under the influence is certainly not something that ends with alcohol. Driving under the influence of a substance that is not alcohol is incredibly common as well, and actually has been found to lead to up to sixteen percent of all car accident cases here in the United States alone. These substances can include legal and illegal drugs alike, as long as it is a drug that impairs cognitive or physical function to an extent that would make driving more than dangerous but all too often deadly, as any wrongful death attorney will be quick to tell you.
Aside from driving while under the influence, a wrongful death attorney will know that distracted driving has unfortunately led to many injuries and fatalities as well. Distracted driving is more prevalent now than ever before, thanks to the widespread use of the smart phone. Smart phones can certainly be addicting and for some people they are so much so that even while driving they must be using one.
But even just taking your eyes off of the road for a mere few seconds to look down at your phone can be dangerous, and it can lead to the loss of life of you, the people in your car, or the people around in. While many people might get away with distracted driving on a relatively regular basis, many other people do not. Every time you drive while you are distracted, you play a game of chance not only with your own life, but with the lives of others as well.
There are many causes of car and other such motor vehicle accidents here and all throughout the United States. Some of these accidents, such as those that result from a bout of severe weather and the reduced visibility and dangerous roads that is causes, are difficult to prevent. Others, however, are very easy to keep from happening here in the United States.