Taking A Look At Immigration In the United States

As an l1 visa attorney knows (as do many other people in this country), immigration has long made up the backbone of America. We are, after all, a country that has been founded upon immigrants. That has not changed in our present day, with nearly fifteen percent (thirteen percent, to be more exact) of this country’s total population made up by immigrants of various backgrounds and from many different places. And by the time that we reach the year of 2065, it’s expected that the immigrant population of the United States alone will have exceeded seventy five million people to total at around seventy eight million people. This shows a dramatic increase from the total number of immigrants that were living in this country back in the year of 1965, which is now more than fifty years in the past. As the l1 visa attorney or l1 visa lawyer knows, there are many reasons that people choose to immigrate from their countries of origin. For one, many are looking for opportunity here in the United States. Some will come over for school while others will be here for work, either because of a job that they already have or in hopes that they can get a job that will help to better their lives. Many are simply trying to create a safer and better, more stable life for their families, as many immigrants have escape unrest and high levels of danger back in their home countries.
But no matter where they come from or what they are here for, the vast majority of all immigrants are simply interested in not only bettering their lives, but bettering this country as well, choosing to call the United States home for many of the years that are to come, if not for all of them. In fact, more than half of all of the immigrants who move here to the United States from elsewhere in the world (around sixty percent, that is) will stay here for fifteen years or more, building up their lives often from the ground up. However, many more will receive brand new green cards – about one million people every year – and these people are often here on a more temporary basis for a number of reasons, such as because of a transfer at a specific job or because of a family concern that required them to be with family members here in the United States. Regardless of the cause for being here, immigrants are many here in the United States, and they provide an integral support tor our economy, as any l1 visa attorney or immigration lawyers can inform you about.
Though there is a lot of stigma surrounding illegal immigrants and immigrants in general today in the United States, an l1 visa attorney can help to ensure people that the majority of this fear is very much unfounded. In fact, in the case of the people an l1 visa attorney deals with as well as other types of immigration, the vast majority of immigrants enter this country through legal means and are ready to get to work, as an l1 visa attorney can help to ensure. Even those who do enter here on an illegal basis begin to pursue legal pathways of staying in this country as soon as they officially arrive. The vast majority of immigrants are looking to build their lives here, and becoming a legal resident or even a citizen of the United States will make that immensely easier, as any l1 visa attorney or eb 5 visa lawyer can tell you. This will likely become especially important if the immigrant or immigrant couple has children of their own, as their children, if they were not born here in the United States and are not citizens or legally allowed to be living here will face a number of road blocks on the path towards adulthood, such as not being able to receive financial aid in order to go to college and begin a successful career. While legal methods of immigration are always preferable, of course, they are not always easily accessible.