Taking A Look At The Vital Role Played By Criminal Defense Lawyers In The US

Criminal defense lawyers deal with many different types of cases, from incidents regarding drunk driving to arrests for prostitution. If you yourself have recently gotten into trouble with the law, criminal defense lawyers can most certainly help. Hiring criminal defense lawyers can help you to navigate what is likely an unfamiliar legal world, looking out for your best interests even if you are hitting rock bottom. Criminal defense lawyers can help to remind you that life goes on after something bad happens, and they can help you to move on with your own, getting your off (hopefully) of the charge or with a reduced sentence and back into the world, where you can hopefully begin to implement changes in your life.
Criminal defense lawyers such as dui attorneys are particularly important here in the United States. Unfortunately, drunk driving is incredibly common in this country. As many as three hundred thousand people will get behind the wheel while intoxicated, either under the influence of alcohol as well as under other types of drugs, both legal as well as illegal. Of these people, however, it is unfortunately all too likely that only around four thousand or less people will be arrested. In fact, the average drunk driver will be on the roads while drunk as many as eighty times before first ever being arrested, and more than ten million people using some type of intoxicating drug and then getting behind the wheel and driving. This number is consistent, if not higher, from year to year, showing how severe that the problem of being intoxicated while driving truly is. Criminal defense lawyers can help you to reduce the sentence that often comes along with drunk driving, and can help you to prevent further DUIs in the future.
Criminal defense lawyers do not just deal with drunk driving cases. They must also deal with cases revolving around distracted driving. While many distracted drivers are completely sober, driving while distracted is incredibly dangerous. In fact, looking down at your phone for a mere five seconds will mean that you have not looked at the road for the entire length of the standard football field, at least if you are going fifty five miles per hour or more. In that short span of time, just about anything can happen if you are not paying attention. And distracted driving is all too incredibly common. At any given moment that drivers are on the road here in the United States, more than six hundred thousand and five hundred people are looking at their phones or are in some other way distracted, not paying attention to the road and putting themselves as well as everyone around them in danger.
Prostitution is another legal matter handled criminal defense lawyers all throughout the country. Soliciting sex is a common crime, with as many as eighty thousand people arrested for it in the United States alone with each and every year that passes us by. This crime is considered to be a class A misdemeanor, meaning that it is not as serious as some other types of crime that are out there, but that it is still punishable with jail time (up to a year of it) as well as hefty fines of up to and above six thousand and two hundred dollars in total. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you to reduce the time that you are sentenced to or even to reduce the fine that you are charged with. If they are not able to completely get rid of the sentence, they will at least be able to bring it down quite a bit.
Criminal defense lawyers must do a great deal of work in order to adequately serve their communities. From dealing with DUI and other such cases to dealing with prostitution cases, the life of the typical criminal defense lawyer is not always an easy one. After all, it can be difficult and emotionally draining work, especially if the case does not quite go the way that the lawyer had hoped. Fortunately, criminal defense lawyers also have considerable successes and can help many people get back on track.