What To True-To-Life Private Detectives Do?

How to hire private investigator
Hidden cameras, an unmarked van, and MTV’s “Cheaters” — these are the things that most often come to mind when people think about private detectives. Sensationalized television shows, however, do not necessarily reflect reality — and most true-to-life, licensed private detectives do not spend their time investigating infidelity with a hidden camera crew. What is the reality? What are the most common reasons to hire a private investigator, and who is hiring them?

Large Corporations That Are Hiring

According to U.S. News, at least 50% of job candidates lie, exaggerate, or tell partial truths on their resumes. It can be devastating for applicants — and big-name corporations or firms — if the truth comes out years down the line. (For example, The Food Network ultimately ended up canceling chef Robert Irvine’s show after sources revealed that he did not, in fact, design Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding cake.) A growing number of investigators perform background checks and confirm candidates qualifications during the hiring process.

Businesses Relying On Secure Servers and Data Systems

Modern detective services and firms work closely with computers and online and/or digital systems. For that reason, they typically have the most up-to-date and thorough security and backup software. Companies are hiring detectives to help identify any weaknesses in online or digital systems proactively. Some also hire investigative services after a security breach to help determine the culprit and to help strength systems to prevent future security infractions.

Media and News Outlets

A British newspaper asked computer forensic detectives to help them out J.K. Rowling’s pen name, Robert Galbraith. The detectives used analytic software to pinpoint stylistic similarities and confirm that Galbraith was, in fact, Rowling. Media and news groups demand on investigators to help them report adequate news and information.

The majority of private detectives do not work for MTV’s “Cheaters.” In reality, private detectives are likely to work closely with large firms during their hiring process. Detectives also help corporations improve data security, and help news outlets confirm or debunk tip offs. Helpful info also found here.