What You Should Do If You’re Charged With A DUI

New dui laws
It used to be that drinking and driving was as culturally accepted as cellphone driving seems to be today. When people got into accidents because they were under the influence, it was viewed as just that–an accident, not a preventable mistake caused by the decision to drink and operate heavy machinery.
Not so now. America has gone through a distinct cultural shift over the last 30 years, and this shift extends to the law. Drinking and driving is now a serious offense that can follow a person around for years. New dui laws in Ohio are tough on even first offenders; a first time offense under the new dui laws can result in as many as six points on one’s license, a license suspension that may last for years, or even jail time.
If you are accused of driving under the influence, it is very important that you find a good lawyer. Even if you are guilty of the charges, finding a good lawyer can help you navigate the complicated and expensive bureaucratic ordeal before you. What’s more, the new dui laws in place are not without their wiggle room on the sentencing side of things, but you will need a criminal dui attorney to review your specific case and tell you what plea options are available to you. For instance, there is a lesser charge called “wet reckless” that might be accepted by the prosecution, but only if your case meets specific requirements and only if your lawyer knows to push for it in the interests of speeding the state caseload along.
Lawyers also have far more time and expertise to really sink their teeth into the “discovery” process. Basically, they can re-investigate the police report, review any security footage, make sure the police did in fact have probable cause to pull you over, and subject law enforcement to their full burden of proving you guilty.
Drinking and driving is a serious offense that should be treated as such. That being said, everyone makes mistakes, and if you find yourself facing a dui charge, it’s important to have a professional in your corner who can minimize the fallout. What you see as an open and shut case your lawyer could see as an opportunity to fight for you, so don’t hesitate to use that one phone call in booking to call someone who can actually do you good.