Your Legal Rights During an Auto Accident

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It seems as if the world is addicted and reliant on technology today. Everywhere you go, you see people staring down at their cell phones. They are using them to communicate, share photographs, review and search local businesses, and even work. Although the internet has brought us many positive things, including the ability to communicate with anyone from anywhere, it has become a distraction. It has become a problem for driving. Too many people are not separating the distracted use of technology when they are driving. This translates into a very dangerous situation, affecting both the person using the technology and others on the road.
Many states and individual cities have passed laws, making it illegal to drive distracted. Some states have banned all use of technology, including even talking on a cellular device in the city. Others have simply banned the use of texting or using social media, while driving. Although this was meant to help out the problem of distracted driving, it can be very difficult to prove that an accident or a ticket was the result of distracted driving. Police officers have found it very difficult to enforce these laws and prove that distracted driving was present in different situations.
Engaging in visual manual subtasks (such as reaching for a phone, dialing and texting) associated with the use of hand held phones are other portable devices increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times. Also, at any given daylight moment across America approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving. What happens, then, when you are injured in an auto accident that was the result of someone else?s distracted driving? Do you have additional rights? Can you prove that they were distracted in a legal sense, ensuring that they are punished for their poor driving judgement?
This can be a tricky situation to handle. It is understandable that someone who is injured in an auto accident from distracted driving wants the other person to be responsible for their actions. However, just as police officers have trouble enforcing and proving distracted driving, it can be even more difficult to prove in a legal case. However, for any chance of legal restitution, a car accident attorney will be needed. They are aware of the specific state and city laws, and can take specific actions, such as requesting phone records and car records to provide proof of the distracted driving. The best chance that you have at proving distracted driving as a cause is with a car accident attorney.
Motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death in 2014 for individuals age 11 and also for ages 16 through 24. The 16 to 24 age range is most troublesome, because these individuals are behind the driving wheel, and tend to be the ones engaging in the distracted driving methods. Although a car accident attorney cannot prove guilt based on the driver?s age, they may be able to proof distracted driving based on other facts. An accident lawyer may be able to work with local police enforcement and other car accident attorneys to figure out if the individual was actually distracted during the accident. The car accident lawyers may also be able to summon witnesses of the accident, who can provide better insight into the cause of the accident.
Electronics have advanced to a level today that we never would have imagined. We have access to so much information and communication methods, at our fingertips. However, this much information can easily be a distraction. This is especially troublesome when the electronic user is driving a vehicle. A person who is injured in a car accident as a result of a distracted driver may have rights. They may be able to sue the person for not paying attention while operating a vehicle. Accident lawyers are great resources for these types of accidents, as they are familiar with state and city specific laws.